December 13, 2011

ATL ho

I'm goin' goin', back to back, to ATL ATL....this Friday... Yes! I be there for two weeks. So there might be a slight chance I will not update cuz I'll be toooooo busy getting boned by my Jewish bf and hanging out with my sisters. Woot woot.

I am DETERMINED to learn the Dougie. It's the most difficult dance that black people have come up with yet.

It occurred to me that my 2nd graders are all experts at doing the Dougie. I swear... you turn on some music for some white kids, they'll jump up and down like a buncha lame-os.  You put some music on for some black kids, they teyyyyyyyy it up! It is so cute and funny and impressive at the same time.

December 7, 2011

Why I love the Japanties.

The Japanese are always one steppahead of everyone else. Americans should get on board...with their fatasses. Speaking of fatass, I didn't workout today. Instead, I slept 2 hours. Something is wrong with my body. God I hope I'm not preggos...or am about to die because of this infection in my tooth. *knock on wood*

December 6, 2011


I am such a space cadet. I wrote this last night but put it in my old blog. I thought it hadn't saved and was cursing blogspot last night. I'm the dumb one.
I've developed a new fascination. And that is with Pinterest.

It's totally a girl's thing. I have yet to stumble upon a man that holds an account with Pinterest. The only acceptable men that can be on Pinterest are gay men....or those uber-feminine odd men that watch Sex and the City and like celebrity gossip.

Pinterest gives me hope that women are as creative as the pins they put out because I'm pretty sure women are behind making the pins. I consider myself to be pretty interesting but I would never be clever or creative enough as the people who make the pins.

The category I find the most fun is the Fitness pin. These womens' bodies make me feel like I'm not working out hard enough. Man, them bitches in the links are FIT. I don't necessarily like those SUPER toned girls. Like girls with huge bulky muscles. No thanks. No Thanks.
I like lonnnnnnng, liiiiiiiiiiithe bodies.

After Pinterest, my new goal is to get rid of my fucking stomach flab. I used to think it was impossible to do after the age of 26. Or after you've had a baby. But I know it's possible from what I've seen on Pinterest. It just takes much more hard work and dedication than I thought. Particularly dedication to working out 5+ times/week and cutting out carbs and alcohol. I wonder if I could get rid of my pooch if I stopped drinking. Dustin (my personal trainer male friend) certainly thinks so. 
See? Ugh. Flab flab go away!
I took a 2-week break of not working out over Thanksgiving break. I'll have to take another long break for X-mas break where I hope to be in ATL on December 16 for 2.5 weeks. Siiiiiiigh. I want to hurry and get onnnnnnn it! 

Sorry. I'm kinda leBUZZED. 
Me prior to to the two-week hiatus. 
Get onnnnnnnnnn it!

Oh! One thing I wanted to mention is that while I adore Pinterest, it is awfully white-girlish. We need more diversity up in there. I'm too dumb to come up with innovative pins. Someone else come up with 'em!