June 16, 2012

Damn Zhang Ziyi....Work it.

Check out this story:

Chinese actress  refused to appear at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her upcoming movie Dangerous Liaisons and refused an invitation to present the Palme d’Or Award. Why? Because she’s been barred by the Chinese government from leaving the country due to an ongoing investigation into whether or not she had sex with government officials for cash.
Sources allege Zhang (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, Rush Hour 2) was paid almost $950,000 to sleep with China’s former Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai and had sex at least 10 times between 2004 to 2007 or 2007 to 2011 depending on which site you read. Zhang raised her rate to $1.5M after the first time. It’s said that Xu Ming, Bo’s associate and founder and chairman of Dalian Shide Group, introduced the two and has admitted as much.
Reports allege that Zhang has also slept with other officials making around $110M over the course of 10 years. This includes $28M in cash from Xu Ming. Xu is said to have pimped her out to two other high-level officials as well.
For her part, Zhang and her people have denied the allegations saying they won’t let this stand. In an ominous sounding statement, Zhang’s team wrote:
“Friends have advised us to release a short statement and not take this seriously,” Zhang’s team continued, “The more you argue, the more you will stir up. It would be better to step aside until people lose interest and the lies disappear. The innocent will always be innocent. ”
“But this time we don’t want to be silent. If we leave these lies to spread, what is completely untrue will be at risk of becoming a half-truth,” the statement read, “This time, we are telling those rumor-makers that we will respond. We will prove our side of the story; we’ll seek legal justice; we’ll find you in the darkest corner and go after you.”
“We will seek justice for Zhang Ziyi by taking legal action against Apple Daily and against any other media publishing these false reports. ”

Sorry Zhang Ziyi.... I believe the tabloids.

Damn! $110million????

I don't care what you think about prostitution or selling sex for money. You would be FUCKING stupid to turn down $110million for sex. Granted, she probably had to sleep with a buncha old Asian guys for that...but allz you'd have to do is close your eyes, put some lube down there (cuz your vagina ain't gonna lubricate itself when you're banging Asian grandpas, who are like the fugliest of all races of grandpas), and let him have his five minutes of fun.

When I was fresh out of college, I wanted to be an escort. Ideally, I wanted to have about 5-8 customers that I had to see, like one or two a day, get the baseline $400/hour for each, which would make me at least $2k a week. I looked up everything there is to know about the industry, even submitting my information to certain agencies, but in the end..... I couldn't get myself to do it because I didn't want to go through the screening process and an escort who isn't in charge of her own business (ie: employed by an agency or has a 'pimp') is a victim to some degree. I'm only pro-prostitution if the girl is the boss of her business, which is rare.

So in the rare occasion that a girl is in charge, I think it's awesome. Work it Zhang Ziyi, though if you did do this, you should just fess up to it.

Same with this person from a blind on CrazyDaysandNights.net

So, today I wanted to tell you about this actress. She is still an actress although she has not been in much lately. I would say she is still in the B+/A- list as far as name recognition goes, but as for actual acting and her status on the working list, she is probably a C+. Always more famous for things other than her acting, she is a big name. For years she has been the object of desire for many men. Men, who have seen her and are willing to pay a price to spend time with her. After her most recent series failed and the grind to find more acting work began to take its toll, our actress found a way to earn money and have a good time and make all those men happy. If you live outside the US and have a big enough checkbook you can hire our actress. She has a one week minimum and prefers a month. Last year she made more money by being the companion of men around the world than she ever did acting. She gets to go to parties and events and has seen the world. She tries to not get too drunk and every man who has spent time with her has had her back for another visit. She is not shy about it and will tell you flat out it is what she enjoys doing. No more auditions or wondering if she is going to get another role. No more being grab handled by guys at mall signings and endless photographs where she pretends to be happy. She has found her plan for the next few years and as she says, it's a living. Oh, and for sure this one will be revealed.

Readers are convinced this is Pamela Anderson. Whoever it is, she's workin' it as well.

You might think it's messed up how much I think prostitution is an awesome idea (again, if the woman is her own boss and the 'relationship' is mutually benefitting/respectful). That kind of 'relationship' is what I was trying to find with that sugar daddy website, and overall, that endeavor has been a failure. My search has not ended though! I hope to find a legit sugar daddy in a more natural way (like not through a website).

Aw man... the whole purpose of me writing this was to explain my reasoning behind liking the idea of 'prostitution' (such a strong stigma attached to that word...what I mean is basically sex for money) but I've been sitting on this deck for far too long and I want to workout. I'm so effing lazy these days.

But Samantha from Sex and the City explains it very succinctly:

Money is power, sex is power, therefore, getting money for sex is simply an exchange of power.

Man...it's probably a bad thing that I quote Samantha so much...but yes, society is fucked up, especially with gender relations...you just have to make it so that it works and makes sense to you. 

June 13, 2012

It's Over!

Hello. It's been forever I feel. I now have ample amounts of free time and I thought I'd be more inclined to write on here. But with grad school being 99% finished, I find myself doing other things. Here are some updates and some blurbs about my super exciting life (and by exciting, I mean boring...but wonderfully lazy, doing-what-I-wanna-do boring so actually it's not that boring)
  • The verdict for my DC charges are finally in. Went to court last Wednesday and my lawyer, whom I developed a big crush on, told me that I got offered a 'deferred prosecution agreement,' which is the BEST one I could hope for! So, allz I have to do is 32 hours of community service, stay away from the place that kicked me out (I don't even remember where the bar is, so that's not a problem), and don't get arrested again. Then, my charges will be dismissed. My lawyer, who I call moLester, told me that me snagging this deal was very rare considering I had an assault charge. I told him that I probably got off easy because I was a female and not black. He said that's probably true and more so because I was an "attractive woman" which was married-man-code-words for "I want to bang you." And I got super excited at the thought of banging a powerful lawyer and realized I will always have a fetish for older, powerful, well-dressed men just like I will always have a fetish for teenaged boys. I wonder what that says about my....psychology. 
  • With my internship being over, I'm trying to knock out my 32 hours of community service ASAP. So far, I've done 12 hours. Today, I spent 2.5 hours sweeping the roadside and sidewalks of a street in DC. I'm sure it was a sight because you're usually accustomed to seeing, like, men of color or immigrant status doing that kind of work (I'm not trying to sound all hoighty-toighty...that's just how it is). One lady even asked me why I was sweeping the sidewalk and I told her why. Oddly enough though, I didn't feel that self-conscious. I just listened to kpop and swept away. My overseer gave me 8 hours for working only 2.5 hours....which I'm very grateful for. I hope it's like that for the rest of my service hours.
  • Seeing that my charges will be dismissed very soon, it occurred to me that I don't have to be bound to this area (DMV) or even to the country. I know I said I was considering moving to California but that ship of desire has sailed away....though I am definitely going to visit as soon as I get my fucking financial aid. Anyways, I'm like 75% sure that I want to stay in this area and do some kind of teaching job for a year, maybe at a public school but most likely a private school because a) I'm not mentally ready to go teach abroad by myself (gawd, I'm such a pussy) and b) my other option is moving back to Atlanta and I would probably do exactly what I would be doing here, there, and to me, being in a new area is more exciting than living in an old one. Plus, DC is growing on me and there are so many fun places nearby. 
  • Right now, I'm living temporarily with my Vietnamese married couple friend Anna. I'm squatting on a futon and my days are spent hanging out with an 11-year old. Oh... this area is Annapolis and I love it. It's like a spread-out Dunwoody, meaning upper-middle class white people who are super polite and live the idyllic suburban life. The weather is so nice too. Right now I'm sitting on the porch, feeling fat because I've been eating like shit and not exercising much. 
  • My brother, who has been locked up for the past 5 years (I think) got out about two weeks ago!!!! It's bad because even with him out, I still don't want to mooooove back to ATL but dang!! It felt like this day would never come. He works at Wasabi House during the day and goes to his group home during the night. I wish I were there that first day he came out. What a celebration it would've been... and by celebration, the Jeon sisters would have drank themselves into oblivion and Noah would get mad at us and we would cry. Fun times. But the morning of his release, I thought back to what Noah said he wished would be different in five years. For me, he said he wished I would stop drinking by the time he got out. When I thought about this, I started crying alone in my car. But only about three tears or so.... because....
  • Overall, my drinking has improved. *fist pump* I mean, I still drink about 5/7 days of the week....but only one of those days is the binge-drinking that I do that gets me into trouble, BUT, I am WAY more responsible when doing that and I have NOT had one of my outbursts. Like, that desire to get trashed and act a fool has disappeared. I didn't realize that desire existed til I acknowledged it at one of my therapy sessions. I really enjoyed my therapy sessions...too bad my graduating means I can't get them anymore. *sad face* 
  • I really like Miley's body.  

People are saying she's anorexic. Bitch, she ain't anorexic. She's fit. She does pilates (trained by the woman who created pilates) and she probably has a dietitian (did you know that's how it's spelled?!) so she is able to eat clean and has someone who cooks it for her. Fuck.. I'm 100% convinced that if I were rich, I would be 100% happy. And all I would do is exactly what Miley does...workout, hang out with her hot bf (though I wouldn't be committed to a bf...but she is 19 and has the time), smoke weed all day, and go out with her gfs at night or go on vacations. That, to me, is the life.

"Everybody dies, but not everybody lives."   

I love that quote. Okay.... gonna go twerk out.