September 12, 2012


Don't get too excited. I'm just posting this so I can post it in my tumblr.

September 9, 2012

Fuck Blogspot

I'm done with this blogspot shit. It's a shitty, shitty blog network...server...system...whatever that shit is called. So I'm moooooving to Tumblr.

There, you will find me.

August 26, 2012

I'm here!! I'm here.... I just have no motivation to write. Someone give me some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 11, 2012

The Cutest Thing

This positively made my day. It warmed up my heart....seriously.

This is a moving gif showing an Olympic volunteer getting a fist bump from Usain Bolt. How cute is it?

I fucking love moving gifs.

Going to MJQ tonight!!! That's the only club I like. Been going there since I was 15....and I still don't know where it is. Sigh.

August 8, 2012

Why I Workout

There are various reasons why people workout. For most, the main reason is their health. Yes, that is obviously a reason for me too...but sadly enough, I can't say it's the PRIMARY reason. I don't want to live past like 80 unless I'm constantly doped up on some kind of feel-good drug and aren't permanently grumpy. No...the main reason I work out is pretty much SUPERFICIAL. The other day my sister walked in on me diddling myself. JK! She walked in on me doing this move: 

Mind you, the move I was doing was a bit more difficult as I just had one foot on the ball and the other leg was doing a side crunch. Extremely hard... As I was huffing and puffing away with sweat dripping down my fo'head to the flo', my sister says: 

"Being skinny is NOT worth all that!" 

As pretty as my sister is: 
she does NOT understand the aesthetic benefits of having a nice body. I do. Ever since I was little, I was skinny and non-flabby. When I was between the ages of 4 and 11, I basically had the same body as I do now just without boobs and a hint of ass. As a teenager, I still remained skinny and my boobs were far more awesome than they are now...because, let's face it, teenaged girls have awesome boobs. 

Teenage-hood is the only time big tits truly look good. The minute you turn 20, big tits (D+) start their descent into looking like droopy sandbags. 

*Sidenote #1: By nice body, I'm talking about what Americans consider to be a 'nice' body..that means tall, long/lean/skinny/tight, nice boobs, perky ass, etc. I know different cultures/races have other beauty ideals, but let's face it, the reigning beauty ideal comes from upper-middle class white Amurrica ie: Hollywood. 

Sidenote #2: I know everybody has their strengths and weaknesses in looks. I accepted a long time ago that I'm a butterface and I've grown not to care because a) I'm not like HIDEOUSLY, can't-fix-it ugly (very few people are, in my opinion) b) almost ANY girl, with the right make-up, hair and style can look average to attractive. Look at all the mediocre bitches in Hollywood who look super pretty now: Miley (sowee), Gwyneth, Katie Holmes, Britney Spears, Nicole K, etc etc) So, as conceited as I come off in this entry, I know that each person has their goods and bads... I just have less bads than the average person... LOL! JK! 

In my experience/opinion, it is a powerful thing to have typically hot body. That being, here are the (SUPERFICIAL) reasons why I workout. 
  • Confidence-Regardless of what other defects you might have, if you know you work hard every day and your body is nice, your confidence will be higher than the average girl. Confidence is difficult to build, especially for girls. Especially in a society that loves to grind females to a worthless, no self-esteem pulp and sadly, girls fall left and right with the burden of the beauty ideal upon them. It's probably extremely contradictory to rant about that given the nature of this entry...but that's the point. Given that there is such a high standard of beauty, girls are judged harshly on their looks. Why would you not spruce yourself up? You HAVE to to a certain extent to be taken seriously. If you don't and want to be fat and ugly, then godspeed. Just don't be a depressed, fat and ugly, wallowing person. Own it if you are going to go against the beauty ideal and say fuck it. I have genetics on my side so it's easier for me and I like living the healthy lifestyle so I do. Whoa... I went of on a tangent. Anyways, whatever one's body-type preference is, everyone knows what a healthy and nice body looks like--and people notice. People stare at me for a number of reasons...but weird hair and amazonian-ness aside, I think people are staring at me cuz of my body (and, possibly, slutty clothing that accents it). That's why I like wearing midriff-baring and leggy articles. Bitches can wear their booby-revealing shirts all day long...but when you wear a shirt that shows a non-flabby belly, men, women and even children will notice. But on a serious note, whether people envy or appreciate you, having a good body relays the message to everyone that you care about your body and your overall self. That translates as you being confident and everyone knows that confidence is a key part to a person's attractiveness. 
  • Everything Looks Good on You-...except those puffy-sleeved shirts and high-wasted shorts that almost ALL people look ridiculous in. There's a reason why models are so skinny...because when you're skinny, EVERYTHING looks good on you. It's a real time-saver to go to the store and never have to try anything on because if it's a small or a medium, it's going to fit and look awesome. Too tight? Too short? There's no such a thing when you workout. And you get more leniency when you wear slutty things because while it's slutty, nobody can deny that it looks good. 

  • Your Own Thinspiration- My tumblr account only follows fitness blogs (FitBlurs). There I find different modes of Thinspiration...mostly in the form of pictures of 19 year olds whom getting fit is SO much easier for...(assholes) but who look AWESOME. If you ever look through my photos on my phone, you'll find that 70% of my  photos of are myself and my workout progress.   
It might be because I'm vain...but tracking my progress makes me more inspired to workout because I want to maintain and improve what I've done so far. Also, when I workout, I love having a mirror in front for the same I just look so much more toned while I'm actually working out. I think that is what I would ALWAYS look like if I stopped drinking so much. If that's the truth, I could realistically picture myself not much. But yeah.. it's nice to be your own thispiration. That's how you know you are succeeding. *high five* 
  • Guys- Guys' appreciation is not necessarily a reason on why I workout...I have to emphasize that cuz girls who rely on guys to boost their self-esteem are retarded. It's not for me in this case. It's more a result of my working out and it positively reinforces my desire to workout...Actually, I get more positively reinforced if a woman compliments me on my progress than a guy cuz girls truly understand the struggle of being fit and thin. Anyways, I mentioned  that all guys have different preferences for body types. Men of a darker color like those curvy bootylicious girls a la: 

Frankly, I think big donkey butts are disgusting.  Imagine how nasty that shit looks naked. Cellulite central. *shudders* 

However, most men, again..regardless of body preference, recognize a hot body when they see one. All the men I've been with (and I know my body type is not what ALL of them preferred, initially) grew to appreciate my body--like a lot. Seeing that the average size of American women is now at a whopping size 14, most guys have not been with a fit-bodied woman since like...high school...when we were ALL skinny. I think they forgot what it's like to have a girl who doesn't jiggle everywhere and isn't cottage cheesy. My white friend Erin says that guys don't give a flying fuck that your stomach and thighs are jiggly as long as you are willing to fuck them. Perfectly true; guys are very easy to please. But again, you won't truly appreciate being with a hot body unless you are actually with one. I used to think I didn't care much about males' body long as they were funny, intelligent, interesting...they could get in my vagina. But then I actually hooked up with a hot bodied man whose abs are so defined, all I want to do is lick them (and I do).. and also nibble along his v-shaped muscles that lead to his schlong...*closes eyes dreamily*....but yeah. The overwhelmingly positive response I get from men is a contributor to why I workout. (again...not a REASON but a positive that the same thing? Hm....) 

  •  ....And with other girls who constantly complain about their weight, their inability to control their eating, their hatred for working out, and all the bitching that they do yet continue to stuff their face and sit on their ass and complain without doing anything about it..... I get to do this: 


And it feeeeeeels good. 

I realize I sound extremely conceited in this entry. But the most important thing I am trying to say in writing this is that ANYONE can have a hot body. ANYONE!!! Fuck genetics, predisposition for obesity, blah blah blah. If you just work hard and eat clean, you can look, feel and BE HEALTHY. It's not that hard. I know I'm not perfectly in shape but I know I can be and I will always try to respect my body by treating it well. I think everyone should. It's the most fun.

July 27, 2012


Older, rich sugar daddy..... Check!!!!!

Is it bad that I love Miley Cyrus? I love her style....that makes my style maturity level at age 19. I really need to learn how to dress my age. How do I dress slutty (appropriately) at age 29????

July 24, 2012

Go Hard

"Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. if you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding." - Betty White


Kreayshawn has a new video and I love the song. Super catchy!!!

I can't get these songs outta my head. 

I got my roommate's 4 year old son singing this song non-stop...which is unfortunate since I'm pretty sure it's about sucking dick. Oops. He's also saying "shooooooooot." Crap. 

I love this song and I'm beginning to like Demi Lovato which is shocking because I normally dislike Latina girls and this was the girl who was having butt sex on bunkbeds at parties while people were filming her because she was drug-crazed outta her least do that shit in private girl! But everyone knows Disney stars are the most fucked up...but she seems to be getting her shit together and she actually sings pretty well.

Where the hell can I pirate music these days? I have a list of songs I want to download so I make a CD for my hooptie. I've been listening to the same CD for the past year. 

Gonna go twerk out.