April 14, 2012

Sugar Mommas

That website I've been scouring over the past week also has a 'sugar mommy' option. They are the exact same things as sugar daddies except they are aging rich women. Of course the market for sugar mommies (jeebus that is a lameass name) is not even an eighth as strong as the market for SDs. Don't you know, in our wonderful American society, aging women are equivalent to....Dangit, I can't think of a clever analogy. But they're not appreciated at all especially when it comes to their sexuality. I think at 30, a woman's sexuality starts to sour...maybe even at 25. I mean, MILF porn starts with women around that age. Seriously?! 25?!??! I think that's a big reason why men have such strong feelings of hatred towards Sex and the City. Older women having casual sex and living a single, 'bachelor-esque' life?!?! OH THE HORROR. Fuck you society.

Oh it makes me so angry. 

I mean, there may be a very small percentage of men who want an older woman. But overall, most young men view aging women with this look on their faces: 
that guy has nice pillowly lips. 
Guy #2 I met from that site was 42. He said a woman his age reminds him of his mom and that sleeping with one was gross. 42?! Really?! That's younger than Samantha from SATC.
Really? Does your mom look like that? STFU.

Okay... before my entry turns into another direction, the REAL reason why I bring this up is that if I were around 45 years old, single, and had lots and lots of money, I'd definitely be a sugar mommy. Because, let's face it, it's already difficult for me to find hot young guys to bone me (pussies). It would be triple-y difficult for me at that age. So, I'd have to throw money at the situation. 

These would be my criteria: 18-30, Black...or mixed. Very nice muscular build, 6'0+ . Good dresser. Intelligent. (As I'm conducting my experiments with a wide assortment of men, I'm finding that just with physical looks, my ultimate preference is what I just described (and the upcumming. Puhahhaa)

In fact, I have two real-life men in mind that the 29-year-old Iroar would pay for sex because they are certainly unattainable. Any guy that looks like these men, and they wouldn't willingly have sex with me, I would pay for... just because they are so.... beautiful. Now I understand why men are willing to pay 'hot' women for sex. 

I met this guy at MJQ about 4 years ago. Yes, he actually exists. But he approached ME there and gave me his business card (he's an artist). Man...that's like the best compliment I ever got that a guy that looks like this would be interested in me. And you should see his face. He is better-looking than Tyson Beckford. I'm getting overwhelmed just thinking about it. *fans self and crotch*

BUTTTTTTT....and this is God's CRUELEST JOKE, he is a devout Muslim...which, I believe, means he is celibate, or (I just looked it up) he doesn't have premarital sex. Why would you do this GOD?!?!?! It makes me want to NEVER believe in you. And Adonis #1, why would you dangle yourself in front of me and then snatch it away?! So mean. 

So hell yeah. If I had $10,000 to spare (which is the highest amount I think men pay for a woman), I would definitely pay that to have sex with him. And he can just lay there if he wants. I would do allll the work.  

GOD I hope he never reads this.  
And Adonis #2. 

This is Mel. He's half-Korean (and half-black), which restores my hope for hot Korean guys. He's actually my friend.... a friend I tried very very hard to seduce and was unsuccessful. He lives in California and unlike Adonis #1, he can have sex. He just doesn't want to have it with me. *sob noise* He has very strict personal beliefs concerning casual sex. Like the girl he's looking for is the antithesis of me concerning her views on sex, if that makes any sense, which makes him inaccessible. Oh Mel.......

So, if I were to ever get rich on my own accord, I would certainly be a sugar mommy. I would only pay for the creme of the crop though, like these two gentlemen. Maybe that's why I don't have any qualms with the whole 'paying for the younger hotter person,' and a mutually-benefitting relationship. It makes sense...possibly even MORE sense for a sugar mommy. I guarantee it's much easier for older rich men to find young and wild and FREE vagina than it is for older rich women to find a FREE young penis. That sounds gross. HAHAHAHA. 

Hm....but when I'm 45, these guys will also be 45. Maybe they'll have loosened up a little and then I can seize my chance. 

I pray. *crosses fingers* 

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