April 21, 2012

Deeper DooDoo

Siggggggh. So, I've been let back into my internship/student teaching as of Monday this past week. However, two of those days I had to take off again because.... I had to deal with a fucking bench warrant in DC. So remember this incident:

And remember how I thought they had just let me sleep if off because the officers let me go that same night without anyone bailing me out and without giving me any papers or telling me a court date? And how I called all the necessary people on Monday to see whether I had been officially charged with anything and the people I talked to told me I was nowhere in their system and there was no record of my arrest? Turns out that was WRONG.

When I went to go meet my public defender on Tuesday, and I told her about incident #1, she looked it up and told me about the warrant. I had to immediately go to the humongous police station/court house in DC and 'turn myself in.' That day, I stood in front of a judge while a lady whom I NEVER met quickly asked me why I didn't show up for court and I had to whisper to her in 10 seconds (while standing in front of 10 court room officials) how I had no idea I even had been officially charged. I was released on a 'pretrial' basis where I had to take a drug test (which I miraculously passed) and do all this other crazy shit. 

The ONLY upside to this is that I am having my faith restored in the justice system, at least in DC. First, because I'm fucking broke and living off of financial aid, I've been appointed a private lawyer, not a public defender who, when I got into contact with him, knew all about my case and gave me the necessary information on how to best represent myself to the courts. Second, I was court-ordered to undergo an alcohol treatment evaluation where instead of being sent to jail (if I do get sentenced), I was evaluated whether I could receive 'treatment' or get 'rehabilitated' for what caused my problem in the first place. The person who evaluated me told me had my other charges in MD shown up in my federal records (it hasn't yet because their systems need to be updated), I would have been court-ordered to enter into an inpatient rehab facility for 30-60 days...though all funded by the government. Even though I'm on the wrong end, I was very impressed with the way DC deals with alcoholic idiots such as myself. 

But other than that, I'm screwed. I feel like I'm getting raped. Double-penetration rape. Sorry for being insensitive to any rape victims out there...but GODDAMN. Can't I catch a fucking break?! I mean, I totally deserve what I got in MD, but having another assault charge in DC? That's like overkill. 

So, I've decided to go the private lawyer route in MD instead of getting a public defender. Anybody have $5,000 they want to give me? 


I have to erase this soon because I don't want everybody to know that I'm freaking public enemy #1. I'm just updating you people...that if I disappear after May 15, it's cuz I'm in prison. =(  Great... just when my brother is about to be released. My poor parents. 

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