May 6, 2012


Hi! I'm here, I'm here. I told you I was going to be super busy when I got reinstated at my internship. And I have been. It fucking sucks. Since my court dates are coming up (one is Monday, the other is next Tuesday), I've been squeezing in Smart Recovery meetings both online and in-person. The more I go to them, the more convinced I am that complete sobriety is not for me. The most interesting thing I've come across is called 'harm-reduction' therapy. It's basically what I've been doing the past month. Yes, I am still drinking. I never said I'd quit right? So STFU. However, I am not going out and drinking, which is what has been causing me trouble. I just stay home and drink like I usually do. That's my life as of right now. Come the 11th, I will be a bit more available. I can't fucking wait.

I'm going to try and look at the big moon tonight. I'm a little buzzed right now. I'll update more tomorrow. Sigh.  Though I have to post the witness' account of what happened to me in DC. Just cuz... well, I never knew what happened that night....apparently, this is what occurred:

And the priceless thing is my response to when the cop asked me my version of events...and I'm probably enabling myself...but upon reading this, I had to ask myself "what the fuck is WRONG with you???! But you are kinda awesome Iroar."


  1. eat yo corn or no dessertMay 7, 2012 at 3:09 AM

    " can i have another drink " haha, you're a total bad ass. Like a honest to goodness bad ass. Unfortunately you're going to pay for your badassednessness, but it's soooo adorable. hahahalol. About damn time you posted some new thoughts/news. I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms. Post some updated body shots if you get a chance, those always hit the spot. uh da na nuh na! good luck with everything Iroar, i hope the hammer doesn't come down too hard on ya.

  2. You're enabling me Cornwall! Don't say it's badass... say it's fucking foolish, which it is... though it is kinda funny. =(

  3. Yeah, it's kinda foolish. It's not something I would say to a cop while I'm being arrested, but that's why it's badass. Anyways, I don't make 100k a year or have a big black dick, but I've got a sweet Calvin Klein suit with a fully functional zipper... just sayin' :)