May 7, 2012

The hilllllls are aliiiiiiive!

I went to court today. The officer who charged me with everything did not. The charges got dismissed. I applied to get the charges expunged. The end.

Okay.. the longer explanation is that yes... the officer did not show up. The state asked for a continuance. My public defender said that was unusual and was probably because the police report mentions that I kicked the officer in the balls and the state doesn't take kindly to that.  The judge denied that motion (thank god) so the charges were dismissed. The PD said that there is  a chance the officer might re-charge me but that it would be a hassle for him because he would have to give a good explanation why he didn't show up for court. Everyone seemed surprised that homeboy was a no-show. I guess it's particularly surprising because these were felony charges...not some paltry traffic ticket that cops usually don't show up for. So, if the officer does decide to re-charge me, then I'll have to go to court again. My PD assured me to "not lose sleep over it" and that it probably won't happen. Therefore, I applied to get my charges expunged from my record.

I. Cannot. Believe. It.

If this truly got dismissed, I'm the luckiest biatch in the world. Shoot. My life was ready for some good karma. But I'm not getting my hopes TOO high...just in case.

Now for the charges coming up from DC. That court date is next Tuesday.
While in court, the officers that DID show up, they were dericious...particularly this one (black) bloke who knew how to dress up the wazoo. I realized that I REALLY enjoy a man that can dress. And not just dress nicely. But knows what clothes look good on him. That's probably why I like black men... cuz MOST of them have some kind of style. Even the 'ghetto' style, I like...if they aren't wearing "I just took a dump" pants.  Anyways, the one cop that I swooned over today in court was wearing a nice suit. It was very fitted and he was wearing his badge on a necklace. He was a bit too skinny but he just looked so damn hot.

I LOVE men in nice suits. I can't wait til I find my sugar daddy. I'm going to make him wear suits and just have him stick his wiener out of the zipper so I can back into it. Whoa... funny visual.

Oh my... *starts beating off* They should have a porn category with 'men in suits.' I'd be on that... I'd be on that Kryptonite.

Sorry.... I'm a little happy right now!!! Almost graduating and no felonies!!!

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