July 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Days 5 & 6

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

Uh..... stupid and evidence that this survey was written by a teenager. First of all, I'm 28 years old. I have a katrillion memories stored up in this noggin of mine. Being that I'm a happy person, there are numerous memories that I would say are favorable. Therefore, I cannot answer this question with just one memory.

Although, my most satisfying memory was definitely beating up this girl and then engaging in an all-girl brawl thereby making myself known to the 'mean girls' bullies back then as a badass and not to fuck with the likes of me.

But like I said. I have probably a vaster collection of memories than the average bear because I write every little thing I did in a day in my planner. You might think it's interesting but it's painfully boring. For a sample, I just now took a picture of two days. Excuse my handwriting.

That planner is a Molskine. I'm still undecided whether this brand of notebooks/journals are worth their extravagant price.

Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day

Sad...but true. It's a powerful thing to be a rich white man in this world...but it's even MORE powerful to be a rich, white, skinny, beautiful female in this world because you can seduce any dumb rich white man. This is whom I would want to trade a day with if I didn't have to exert any energy.

THIS is whom I would've traded a day with had she been in her prime.

Being a pop-star....being on stage, dancing and lip-syncing while legions of fans and gay men worship me for having minimal talent while making oodles of money... that is what I want to expurrience.

Also, maybe her:

Because she has her own private orphanage as her children and she's able to maintain it because she's rich and does all these charitable works though she has minimal talent but she's beautiful enough to exploit it to her advantage so that everyone thinks she is a good person. I like long sentences. Plus, she gets unlimited banging access to:

I dunno what it IS about Brad Pitt. I know I've said I've replaced him as my #1 with Adam Samberg...but when I think of the word "hot male," Adam Samberg's goofy face doesn't pop into my head... BRAD PITT does...without hesitation. I would do him even if he had AIDS.

So, I guess you can see a common theme here. I would love to be a rich, white, beautiful, over-rated girl. Just to see what it feels like. Then I'd wanna revert back to the cool non-white mess that is me...but keep the rich part. Because, no lie. If I had 20 million dollars, I would be 2340982348% happy. I'm happy now...but money would make me happier ie: stress-free.

Sorry for the rambling. And for not editing this. I'm fucking tired and need to pee and kinda tipsy.

Good night.

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