July 11, 2011

Just Write

So to help me with my drinking issues (ie: dependence), I've decided to indulge in the few hobbies that I have especially with my relapse of atrocious drunken behavior experienced on Thursday night...which included events such as:
  • Punching my newly-upgraded-loverboy-into-temporary-boyfriend numerous times in the facial area.
  • Introducing temporary-boyfriend as my 'lover' to my dad and telling him bf and I were 'non-platonic.'
  • Yelling at Wasabi House employees and their tweenaged boys. 
  • Yelling at every passerbyer. 
  • Yelling and hurling insults at the Dunwoody Tavern bartender.
  • Running into several people from high school and rambled on about god-knows-what. 
  • Getting into bf's car and kicking him the entire duration of our drive home.
  • Threw my shoe out the window.
  • Got out in the middle of the street, fleeing and crying then laughing and laying down. *shudders*
  • Ripped off bf's rearview mirror.
  • Had my ex-boytoy#2 call bf (while I was passed out) and tell him to meet him at the park and bring "nothing but his fists" in exchange for $30.
Among other things.

The following morning, my dad texted me and said that he was ashamed of me and that if I was going to 'live that lifestyle,' not to do it at his restaurant.

So comes my 209348029384th attempt at controlling my drinking. *sigh*

Since writing is my #1 healthy hobby I have, I will aim to write on here way more often, ideally on a daily basis, especially since one of my courses this semester focuses on the subject of writing. I kinda sorta wanna be a writer.

I will also get more into my health training and get toned. One of my goals is to run a marathon. I fucking hate running though.

Because of the more frequent updating, the juicy tmi-bits of my life will decrease. But since I'm steadily working on my body, the number of scantily-dressed photos of Iroar will increase.

It's a fair trade-off, in my opinion.

Good, sober night. =(

Okay okay. I couldn't resist leaving without something sexual to share. So I'll leave you with a photo of my favorite Asian pornstar. The main reasons why I like her are that she has a super nice body with perfect ta-tas...she's a nice color. And she looks like she GENUINELY enjoys sex and seems like she's really good at it. The downsides are that...well, she looks like Tiger woods and she talks too much during the banging. Like stupid, corny sex talk. Just shush Lily Thai!

Now that should be a better night.

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  1. Dude, Lily Thai is da bomb! She does talk a lot, but her voice is sooo cute. She's a filthy animal fo sho and I could watch her bang all day...well, could have watched her bang all day. Now all i see is TIGER WOODS! f.u. Ira!

    Whenever those scantily clad pics of the new and improved Iroar arrive, bow-chika-bow-wow in my palm. And try to get a little more bottom in there if ya could. just a smidge. lol