August 17, 2011


I haven't updated for the last two weeks because my Man-person (the Jew, from Atlanta) was visiting me and I didn't have time to update because I was too busy frolicking around DC and made a trip to NYC for my friend Boah's wedding.

Being that I've been so non-committal and because I wanted to maximize the potential for boning other men, I refrained from calling the Jew my boyfriend for a long time. In January, we started out as straight-up f-buddies. But as my f-buddies pattern goes, he fell in love with my charm and awesome body/bj-skills (jk jk) so that we were seeing each other almost every night before I left for Maryland. And since I had no prospects for getting some boning in MD (actually, I did and I told these people that I had to keep delaying our trysts because of him), he was my main contact and sense of male security, which, for some reason, I always have. Hm....

So, during his visit here, we solidified the decision that we are boyfriend/girlfriend. That title gives me the heebie jeebies and I'm still a little iffy about it, but I kind of like it at the same time because I'll be less inclined to go out and get horribly drunk and do horribly obnoxious and wreckless things. Also and more importantly, every romp in the sack with him that is not a quickie is successful and he's just so eager to please me and is so very sweet and enamored with me that I can't help but say that he DEFINITELY earned his way into becoming my boyfriend...a truly coveted position. Jk Jk.

Thus, Michael, you are boyfriend #5. Congratulations. *shakes hands*

His foot is so long. It looks like an oar. I heart his Jewishness. That's like 1/2 the reason why I like him.

Fortunately, for you perverts out there who's been sending me comments about the pictures I've been posting and also requesting private pics (uh...not gonna happen...unless you give me money. I'm broke!), Mike doesn't care about what I write or post on here. The generalization that Jewish guys are extremely laid back is very true. So, this blog won't be censored any more than before. =)

Welcome back Iroar.

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