August 20, 2011



Friday night! I'm youtubing. I thought it interesting that 4 different black male comedians made fun of Michael Jackson at one point during their comedy routine lives. I love stand-up comedy. I like: all the comedians I'm showing on this post, Margaret Cho, Anjelah Johnson, Ellen, Tosh (is he a comedian?) Joel McHale... I know there are more but I can't think of 'em.

Which one do you think is the best?


I'm not sure. I'm a little tipsy to make that decision right now. I liked all of them though. I think my favorite entertainers are: women pop dancers/singers, kpop stupid boy/girl bands, black males.

I'll decide tomorrow.


  1. If i was to list them in order I'd say
    1. Dave Chapelle
    2. Katt Williams
    3. Eddie Murphy in purple
    4. Chris Rock
    5. Eddie Murphy in red.

    Katt williams was really funny, but it's also a bit more negative. Chapelle has a coolness that I really like. Watch some Daniel Tosh stand up. His standup is great. I love Chris Rock too, but this wasn't as funny as some of the stuff i've seen of his. I agree that there are more funny black comedians than white, but a good white comedian is usually very funny.

    Congrats to you and your boyfwiend. He is a lucky dude. I wasn't the perv asking for photos, but how much for a photo of you bending over in a pair of panties/thong. I'd pay top dollar for that. I'd even make a tribute if you wanted. muah!

  2. Bill Cosby.
    Eddie Murphy was great growing up.
    So was Louie Anderson.
    Jerry Seinfeld kills me.
    Mitch Hedberg.
    Dave Chapelle has one of the funniest one hour stand ups specials but he only has two hours of comedy to his name.
    Katt Williams has about the same but they were great.
    I love Margret Chow's earlier stuff.
    Mitch Fatel is killer funny.
    Ricky Gervais funny British comedian.
    Recently found Keven Hart to be funny as heck.

    However the king of Comedy is George Carlin.
    14 HBO specials and a master of English words.

    Richard Gott

  3. I think I'm too dumb and uncultured to understand actual comedians that use intelligent witty humor. So I just like in-yo-face humor.