August 29, 2011

p90x Schmee90x

Hullo Iroar-ers. My 10pm bedtime has been detrimental to my updating. I've also been incredibly nervous about starting my internship because I am adamant about NOT re-living the horrors of not being able to classroom manage (something I expurrienced in Korea and caused me great stress to where my period was thrown off track which almost NEVER happens). So far, it's been going O~KAY. My #1 goal is to learn to create a very rule-abiding but laid-back classroom with a strong sense of community and respect for one another and especially for much so that I can quell disruptive behavior with one look. I know, high standards. But you must have high standards to have the best classroom. But enough about work. Let's discuss my progress with p90x.

Because I do not like the cardio in the p90x program, I've been doing the strength-training programs of p90x interspersed with cardio from Insanity. I truly do NOT understand how people undergo such monumental changes within their bodies with p90x. Yes it's extreme, but I don't think it's SO extreme that you expurrience this:
Her bewbs are DEEEEEEEEESGUSTING!! If I paid for a boob job and it came out looking like that, I would just rip them off and throw them at my doctor.

 She's aiite. Gotta love Asian girls who work out because so many Asian girls are skinny-fat...they're thin but they're so mah-lang-mah-lang (jiggly). Her tattoo needs to go though...needs to go. 

This girl's body is bangin'...the '9 months later one.' Actually, her hips are wider than I would like...but the change is so radical that it deserves a compliment. Kudos. 
That's the same homegirl as up there..and she looks much better here. I would love if my body looked like that. She looks Vietnamese. *makes stinky face*

Anyways, you get the drift. It seems like p90x boasts that it can change one's body from being gross and floppy to basically having no body fat. And I'd have to disagree. 

I don't know if I'm not putting in 100% effort or if it's because I drink 5 bottles a wine a week or because I eat so many carbs, but I haven't had THAT much change happen to my body. And I've been doing my routine for about 2 months now. PLUS, I do a lot more cardio than the 'lean' p90x schedule calls for. NOT COOL. 

Even though I eat a lot of carbs, I actually eat pretty damn healthy. I RARELY eat red meat... probably like once a week if that. I mainly eat tofu, chicken or fish. I eat TONS of vegetables. I eat a lot of them raw. I also eat fruit of course. When I DO splurge, it's only on pizza...or wings and that's ONLY on the weekends. I NEVER snack. I probably consume about 2,000 cal/day and most are in the form of something so healthy that fat people would rather not eat than eat what I eat. 

So I'm a little confused as to why my body is not morphing into Britney Spears's pre-KFed days or Jennifer Aniston's circa Friends Seasons 7+. Sighhhhhhhhhhh. 

I think I look worse after. Maybe it's because I blew it up and it looks distorted. I dunno.

I shall still continue my combination-style Insanity and p90x workout. I think every fat person should do Insanity...but not obese people because they'll probably die. 

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  1. They take the before one darker with sad pushed out worst day of my life emotions in mind. Then some times they take the after the next day. Or maybe 9 months later it doesnt matter. The results misleading.