October 24, 2011


Oops. I was supposed to proceed on ranting about my intense dislike for men who suck in bed. And I realized I had to heavily edit what I wrote yesterday cuz I re-read it and...redundant! But it's too late for that because I have a goal to sleep by 12 am.

The reason for the BBK title is that my FlipMode GradSchool Male Friend finally came through with some greenery and it is called BBK with the K standing for Kush. I don't know why people name weed. If it's of a certain class, it's all the same. There's three levels. Dank, mids, and schwag. No thanks on the mids or schwag.  But in the dank category everything smokes the same. I guess I do not have the skills to see the difference between weed types. Yes some might smell different and taste different...but it all comes to the same end. Blaaaaaaaaaaazed. Thank you.

I realized, I'm only 2.5 months into p90x. I thought I had done three whole months (skippin' some days/weeks). I did my 11th week of leg-day today. I definitely see a difference at this point...though not as remarkable as what I see in the infomercials.

WahooOoooooOoo~! I've noticed thorough my sitemeter that a lot of you come on here cuz my blog comes up when googling the following:

Referring URL
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You get the point.


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