March 15, 2012

Don't worry, don't worry. I won't be contacting old weirdo dude from previous post to give him nice kicks in the balls. Definitely not my cuppa tea. I was just bored last weekend. This weekend, I have a visitor coming! He told me not to mention it on here but I iz.

This is the third night in a row that I'm not drinking. Every time 7:00 PM rolls around, I feel that urge. I just have to keep myself busy. Tonight, I plucked all my mustache hairs.

Tomorrow is another's the weekend. And I just got my ID back. The streets of DC are no longer safe. Muhahaha. Jaykay jaykay. I'm really working on my drinking cuz it just occurred to me that I can't go work internationally until I have a stronger handle on it. I DEFINITELY can't go to Korea. Earlier this week, I was pissed at myself for having these problems to the point that it was impeding my travels. Ugh. I hate it. I wish it would just go away but it's so hard. *sad face*

That's me. Jk. That WILL be me in about.... 3 more months of eating super clean and working out. Actually, I don't think I'll ever get like that because I don't want to give up all the pleasures in life just to have 0% body fat. Girls are supposed to have SOME jiggle.

All not drinking does is make me want to sleep. I'm going to sleep now. *sigh* Good night.

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