March 17, 2012

I'm So Grown

Last night, I went out to a hole-in-the-wall bar across the street from a college bar. With my visitor in tow, I went to the HITW bar first. Loved it. I was a hit of the bar because everyone else there was fugly. I even got a free drink. Woot woot. Gotta love HITW bars.

Then we walked over to Loony' of three of the bars in lameass UMD's area. I don't understand why there are only three 'college' bars. As much as I hated UGA, at least we had 70+ bars to choose from in the great city of Athens.

Anyways, I was having a grand old time. I was drunk but not super drunk (good job, Iroar!). I was laughing at these two clearly trashed white boys who were dancing and singing along with the band as though they were having the times of their lives. It was cute. I appreciate people who are not afraid to go crazy and have fun by themselves even if they look crazy.

Drunk white guys

Eventually the bar started playing more poppy songs so dumb college people started dancing. I love to dance and I really can't help myself from dancing especially if a good song comes on and other people are dancing. 

There was this one blond girl dancing by herself. Since I do not dance with men, I started dancing with her.. not like dancing ON her but NEXT to her. I thought we were having a grand old time. I was. Like I said, I love dancing. Alluva sudden, she *poof* disappears.. like runs away. I saw her blonde hair streaking away. I was like "rude." I thought we waz dancing together. 

Then, as I was sipping my drink at my table, blonde homegirl comes rushing at me with her arms like around my neck. Bitch is trying to choke me and is pushing me!!! I was running into the table! Now, if this had been my younger days, this bitch would have ended up with punches to her face and kicks to her vagina. I don't let NO girls, especially a white blonde girl to be putting her hands on me. 

But, I'm grown now and a lover of peace so I was like "whoa!!!!...whoa. Girl! What's happening?!" Homegirl replies "you were mocking me while I was dancing!" And I was like "No!!! I was just trying to dance with you!" Then she goes "I thought you were making fun of me." Then she walks away still kinda angry. 

Goddamn. I am so nice. Especially since she was all up in  my grill while everyone else was staring. Then to make me even nicer, I went up to her and bought her a shot. Then I gave her a hug and walked away. 

I should get an award for that.

Tonight, I'm going out in DC with all the (lame) people that I know here. Sigh. I wish I had real friends. For Anna, I will be on my best behavior. I swear to her.  

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  1. Shoulda beat her dumb white ass!!!