June 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge-Day 1

In order to encourage myself on getting on here and writing more nonsense, I decided to do this 30 day challenge you see on fbook, on blogspot. Woot woot! I don't think fbook can handle the uncensored iroar... And, I highly doubt I will finish so don't get too excited. 

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

1. When I was younger, my brother and I used to plug our noses like this.

2. Out of all my siblings, my brother and I are have the most animosity between each other. Actually, the animosity is directed one way (him -----> me). But I guess I can see why. One time, I slammed a video game controller on his head because he beat me in Super Mario Bros. Another time, I pissed him off so bad, he called 911...and then he got a spanking. And another time, I chased him down some stairs and beat him up because he wouldn't stop singing along to Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." My reason? I said he wasn't cool enough to sing the song. No wonder he hates me. 

3. I do not watch movies, read novels, watch t.v. shows or appreciate any types of art or weird music. I don't like things so-called creative people created. I just don't give a damn. 

4. Actually, the only 2 tv shows I've watched since I was 18 is Friends and Sex and the City. And I can quote a quip (or 9) from every episode. 

5. I hate going out to eat. Not just hate, I ABHOR it. In fact, we are supposed to be having a girls' night out tonight complete with dinner at Shoya and I am dreading going (the dinner part). I hate paying (a lot) for food. If a meal is more than $12 (including tip), I hate it no matter how good it tastes. All 'fancy' restaurant food tastes exactly the same to me--like salt and butter. I will NOT attend a birthday dinner for even my closest friends, unless it is at Jason's Deli, Chick-fil-A, pho, or Mellow Mushroom.

6. I've never been on a real date before. Like the whole "Do you wanna go out some time... I'll pick u up at 8" and a 'getting to know you' dinner/movie never happened with me... This is because: 

7. I am always the chooser of the male I want. And when I decide I want him, I usually bed him within the week of making  my decision so there is no 'getting to know you' dinner. I call it the "buy now; ask questions later" tactic. This tactic bodes well for me.

8. My life goal is to open and maintain an orphanage. 

9. I've never shaved my armpits. 

10. I've written down everything I do, everyday, in a planner, for the past 15 years. I have about 20 planners filled with what time I got up, what I ate, what I spent money on, how many times I've had sex (stars = 1 session, 1/2 star for oral sessions, stars with happy faces for if I...was satisfied), how many drinks I've had, and what time I go to sleep. 

That's why my memory is infallible. Whenever someone questions me about anything that happened in the past, I have a record of it so nobody can argue with me about past daily-going-ons.  

The end. 

Sorry so boring.

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  1. you dont believe in Jesus anymore? Im proud of you