June 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge-Days 3&4

Since I've found someone to take my geometry course for me, and since I've been holed up in a hotel for the past few days, I've decided to do 2 days in 1. Besides, they're super easy assignments...but I'm pretty sure I'll complicate things because I go off on tangents a lot and am a pretty long-winded person. 
Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show
Yeah... This is super easy. 

I didn't start watching Friends when it first came out. I usually shun extremely mainstream, popular things at first... probably because I don't want to be like everyone else. *sigh* I know I'm lame. I'm not even sure how I came to (obsessively) watch this show. But I know I've seen every episode at least 3-10 times. I used to hate Rachel, but now she's one of my favorite characters. If I were a 'friend,' I'd be a straight-up combination style 33.3%  of Ross, Monica, and Phoebe.

If you've ever uttered the sentence "I don't think 
Friends is funny," you and I will never see eye-to-eye.

Sex & the City

Again, when this show first came out, I was very against it because I thought it was anti-feminist. (I was a huge feminist at the time). I thought all they talked was men. But the show is built upon the idea of  sex..and with women, sex is with men...unless you're a carpet-muncher, and with sexing men come relationships. Inevitable. After I accepted that, I started watching this show, non-stop. I like it purely to entertain my girly side. I will never take info from it and apply it to my relationships...except Samantha's motto: "women are for friendship, men are for fucking." 

If I were a SATC character, I would be 50/50 Samantha and Miranda. Carrie is annoying as shit. 

Day 04-A picture of last night

How about pictureSSSS?? I can't stick to short entries...so what makes you think I can stick to just one picture to describe last night...though my night was pretty 'lame' by society's standards, I had a great time. Enter...the private behind-the-door scenes of Iroar's night life.

I assume night means post-6'oclock. Right about that time, I was napping with this person after our 2nd session of the day. In fact, the entire night included this person as most of my nights in the past 4 months have.
 my Jew.

After waking up, we cheeba'ed...then we went to meet up with his mother to acquire my title for my new old car. As you know, I'm leaving for Maryland on Wednesday, and I had to hurriedly buy a car. I'm a lazy, procrastinating person... and I always figure something will fall into my lap...and it ALWAYS does. I hate American cars with a passion... but lo and behold, through the Jew's very trustworthy mother, I get an American car... an OLDSMOBILE.  A CUTLASS. A CHAMPAGNE Oldsmobile Cutlass. I canNOT get away from that car color. 
 So oogly. It looks like a snapping turtle. But you can't beat an everything's-working, leather, '99, 83k miles car that only cost $2500.

After, we went to dinner at a yummy BBQ joint: 

I freaking love BBQ and I must've consumed 1,000 calories at 9 pm but without much of a guilty conscience...ooooh the benefits of being a girl who can eat whatever she wants and not turn into a heifer. Yeah! I'm boasting! It's the reward I get for being a butterface. Lol.

We stopped by the ghetto roswell rd Kroger to get condoms, breakfast bars, and rolling papers.  

At his place, one of his friends came by...and it's funny because his friend was Korean. The Jew said he had never hung out with any "oriental" girls before he met me and the one "oriental" dude-friend he has is Korean. It's also funny cuz I thought I knew all the Korean people my age but I didn't know him. I know, as a non-Korean, you would find that ludicrous..but back circa '95-00, there were like a handful of Koreans and we ALL went to church and even though one claimed to be white-washed, we STILL knew each and every one. Anyways, we smoked some more and I started acting all 'weird, awkward high." Luckily, he left not too shortly after.

I drank one glass of wine, laid in bed watching the Jew pack/clean his room and as he rolled me 10 j's for my next month in Maryland (more importantly, the drive up there)
Then we banged and I passed out. I've been very tired lately. 

And that was Iroar's night of 5/28/2011.  

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