November 16, 2011

Durrrrty Penties

A thought just entered my mind so I decided to jot it down here so y'all can make sure that I'm not dead. I've actually been fucking busy with school and teaching. Ugh. Hates it. But I'm going home to Atlanta this weekend (so excited!) and have somewhat of a full week off. So before I start on my lesson planning and grading and creating powerpoints, here is my fleeting thought....actually it's a thought I've thought before but just never shared.

I've always wondered how much girls get paid for selling their dirty panties. If it's more than $100, where the heck can I sign up? If a dirty pervert will buy me some super cute underwear and wanted me to wear them non-stop for a couple of days and get them all grody, I would totally do it. ESPECIALLY if I never have to show him my face or I have to see his picture. Shoot. If he gave me $150, I'd send him a naked pic sans face. That's awesome money! Imagine if you wore three pairs of underwear a week and dirtied them up, that's like $450/week. Considering I have to live off of $500 until next year (which isn't gonna happen) that kind of money flow would make me cream my pants.

The reason why this thought flitted through my mind was cuz I realized that I haven't showered since Sunday when I washed my hair. I don't feel dirty at all. I changed my underwear once since then and while I was peeing (just now) I realized my underwear right now would be a perfect candidate to make the big bucks from.

But then I googled dirty underwear and ICK...... NASTY! Other girls must discharge a hurricane to be makin' that mess.

Therefore, I just leave you this picture, which isn't me. So don't get too excited. 

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