November 28, 2011


Hyori has a boyfriend.

Just like I thought. He wouldn't be the hottest Korean boy in the world. TOP is...and I will always love KangTa..even though he looks like a fairy boy.

Some charlatan doctor in some state injected cement into womens' butts to make them voluptuous. Here is one of her patients:

The question is...why the FUCK would you want your backside to be that big? You would NEVER find clothes to fit you, you look like a freak, it looks fucking ridiculous. Imagine what that would look like naked. *shudders* I mean, I know what it feels like to have a 'flat ass.' I'm Asian. But, I've since been doing squats and now, my ass appeals to some non-black men...but still, even if I had absolutely ZERO ass, I would never get implants. Ew. Click on picture to read the story.

OH... I just watched the entire story. The person pictured is the trans-gendered woman who was doing the injecting. The video says "it is uncertain whether _______ injected herself with the substances..." Uh... of course she did. What man is naturally shaped like that??!?!? Dumb newspeople.

I guess that's all the popNews I had to share. I thought there was more, but I feel fat right now because I ate two pieces of apple pie in my post-smoke haze and my belly feels like it's hanging over my waistband.

Oh. I guess I will share Rihanna's video.

This video makes me want to do drugs. One thing that bothers me about Rihanna is that she tries to portray this image of herself that she's crazy and lives this crazy alternative lifestyle. I HIGHLY doubt she's even half as crazy as she makes herself out to be in her music videos. Rihanna is a Barbados Katy Perry. I think I've said that before.

It also disturbs me that young girls see this video where this drug&sex lifestyle is glamorized. I mean, it's okay if you are an adult who feels the desire to have crazy sex and do drugs after watching this video and makes a responsible decision to do so. But I can see this video influencing a dumb young person who doesn't know the meaning of responsible irresponsible sex and drug use vs. irresponsible irresponsible sex and drug use. Make sense?? Makes sense to me.

Like her style though. SOMETIMES.

Finally, as I sit here bra-less, I can feel the undersides of my boobies droop onto my rib-cage. How depressing. Standing straight up, my boobs are still nice and perky...but slouching, there is definite boob undersides and rib contact. It greatly reminds me of the following scene:

What do you know? Cameron is 28 in this scene. Whoa.. she's flat. 
I want an American flag bikini!!!!

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