November 3, 2011


This is why white people should spank their chil'ren. Some of their reactions are UNACCEPTABLE and so fucking brattish and disrespectful. When the hell did it become so looked-down-upon to spank your kids? You know what, sometimes they DESERVE it.

The only acceptable reaction is those last kids. They are AWESOME. I'm going to do this exact prank to my future children and see if my kids respond like those last kids did. If they do, that'll be a testament to whether I raise my kids right. Fuck the rest of them.


  1. "I hope you get a belly ache"
    "2 plus 2 equals 5"
    "You sneaky mom!!"

  2. what? i got my ass beat for some of the shit I did. White parents do spank. I call this the sissification of America. Kids are soft these days. The last kids were level headed though. It wasn't the end of the world to them. Probably cause that sweet new video game they had been playing all day is way better than some stupid candy, but still.