November 27, 2011

Fuck You DC.

It's official. I fucking hate the night life in DC. I don't think I've ever had an irrational hatred towards a non-living thing as I do now (well, maybe tattoos). But I am going to boycott going out in DC from now on unless it's for a truly special event like where all the boring people in Maryland I know go out and I would feel left out (ie: Halloween).

I've been MIA cuz I've been on vacay. Now it's almost over.... my mom and sisters have left and after I chug this coffee, I'm whisking away to do my errands. Good thing my jewish boyfriend gave me a ton of green so that the rest of this semester in this boringass state will be bearable. Thanks Michael.

Anyways, back to the DC thing. On Friday night, Sawa coerced all of us into going out with a male-prospect and some other Koreans. Shock. I haven't hung out with a new group of Koreans in a LOOOOOOOOONG time. The Koreans were okay. Cool, even. It's such a breath of fresh air when you meet Koreans that aren't like the ghetto Koreans in ATL. You know, Koreans with I read about in my articles at school.

The places we went to were LAME, EXPENSIVE, AND CROWDED. That is a combination that I am 200% going to hate. All of us spent like $100 through the night. WHAT. THE. FUCK. The places we went to were charging $20/head (which we didn't pay for) PLUS the drinks were between $10-12.... I felt like I was stepping on everybody's shoes, and after some point, I stop caring whether I push people out of my way which makes confrontations unavoidable.

In at least one of the bars that I've gone to in a night out in DC, I've overspent and gotten kicked out. I NEVER EVER get kicked out in ATL and I put on the same antics there as I do here, if not more. Here, even if I walked around topless and guys were queuing to get into a place because of my exposed titties, I'd STILL get kicked out. It's like nobody here gets rambunctious. And I'm a girl...a non-ugly non-fat one at that. Who do they think they are kicking me out?????

O~kay. I'm sure MOST of it is my fault. I just hate going out to a place, spending $10-12 for a crappy drink, being surrounded my lame yuppies, and then getting kicked out. Plus having to endure a ride on the METRO and/or spending $40 on a cab.

I have to get my drinking under control.

And I am NOT going out in DC again. I'd rather go to a college bar. The white kids are much more tolerable at UMD than at UGA. *Barf*

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