February 18, 2012


  • It's Friday night...my favorite time of the week. I love Fridays because I usually have absolutely nothing to do on Saturday mornings and daytime. When I go out, I prefer to go out on Friday nights. When I was in my early-early twenties, I didn't mind working on the weekends...until I realized how awesome it was not to work on the weekends. 
  • So, I have an update on my last weekend's situation. I finally called the US attorney's office as instructed to do so by the policeman I spoke to the morning after. They of course transferred me to another number who transferred me to another number (this happened three more times), and finally I talked with a person who was of actual help. The person before him told me that she couldn't find my name or case number in her files. The of-help-person told me the same... when I asked him why, he said that the officer who arrested me probably filed the paperwork under "simple assault and destruction of property" but never processed the papers and let me sleep it off in jail. He said if the officer had decided to go through with the processing, I would have heard about it by now. I asked him if there was a chance the officer would process the papers later, he said not likely. He told me to call the police department that arrested me and ask them about it and I was like, "well, I don't want to remind them." So basically, I think I got off. In a way, I wish I hadn't. I need to learn my lesson the hard way. I REALLY don't want to, but I feel like that's what it is gonna take to get me to stop being the 'village idiot' as Sawa called me.
  • Furthermore, It's scary because my dad, who NEVER texts or calls me, just this morning texts me with:
Damn. Maybe he sensed something. I felt bad when I saw this. 
  • It's Saturday at 5 PM now. Good afternoon! I got a bit too woozy-boozy while writing that last night and got caught up watching Kim Yuna videos and listening to Whitney Houston. I just got back from thrift store shopping with my sister who is here visiting her Chinese boyfriend. Jeebus Christ, I spent $120 all together. I got these awesome Nike shoes that my sister found but that I bought. I also scored a leather Ann Taylor skirt, Ann Taylor pants, another pair of vintage Nike shoes (which I regret buying), 2 sweaters, awesome gold-ish jewelry, Seven brand denim shorts, an American Apparel dress, another dress, another Ann Taylor skirt and blazer. Anything Ann Taylor or Express I buy is for teaching. I thought I would dress cute as a teacher but I don't. I dress horribly because I refuse to wear uncomfortable clothing (and ALL business/casual clothing is uncomfortable). 
  • I just ate a big bowl of spaghetti and then I'm going to eat a Tony's pizza with a fun-sized Snickers and Twix afterwards. One of the secrets to staying skinny is eat super healthy (like BARELY any processed foods) during the week and then eat shit on the weekends.  
  • I'm kind of irked with some of the people I know in Maryland. I always complain about living in Maryland because the people here are so boring. Like I haven't met a single person that I could consider a friend because they seem so.... like they think they're cool and know everything when they're just a buncha dorkos. Someone from MD can easily stumble upon what I'm writing but I could give two shits. The only people that are cooler here are the black people. I feel so appreciated by them here, not like in Atlanta where they hiss and spit at me, especially the girls with the weaves. Get over it, I have dreads. Who cares. 
  • I'm procrastinating so much on applying for jobs. I know for CERTAIN that I do not want to teach in public schools in the US. I still want to teach abroad but I don't trust myself and my drinking situation in Korea (my number one choice and land of crazy drunks) even though I REALLY want to go there...and I'm too much of a pansy to go anywhere else by myself. I also thought about it and I'm going to miss my family a lot. My brother is going to get out of prison very soon and hanging out with my sisters is super fun. Gina is in Korea but that bitch is married...Sigh. I dunno what to do. Maybe I'll teach at a private school in Hawaii. That'd be SO cool. 
  • I lost my ID in the furor that was last weekend. It's kind of good that I don't have it because then I can't go out. I bet I can go without it until April when I go back to ATL 
  • Gonna go eat my pizza. 
  • Mmmmm... I love pizza so much.
  • Since I'm single now, I wonder how long I can go without finding somebody (new) to bounce on. I never go longer than like 2 or 3 months. I don't understand those people who go months or YEARS without boinking. I just don't...get...it...there's so many interesting and pretty fish in the sea. 
  • Also, since I'm single now, I wish I could find a legit sugar daddy. That sounds really air-headed. But my ideal situation with a sugar-daddy would be more of like a respectful business relationship. This relationship would be a FTF situation that happens like once a month or whenever the man is in town. He would be a (single or divorced) white man at about 35-50 years old with a professional job where he must be wearing suits all the time. He has to make money because this is the only 'relationship' I would be okay with the man buying me shit and paying for me all the time...in fact, this would be necessary, hence the 'business' aspect of the relationship. I could go traveling with him for his work and all I would do is chill in the hotel room and workout in the gym. He would appreciate me and think I was charming but too young for the relationship to be anything but and I would be perfectly okay with that because chances are, his sperm is already too old to impregnate me. Eventually, I would get married and he would be super happy for me. The end.
      This is the oldest and ugliest I will go. Unless the man is Jewish because I have a Jewish fetish.
  • I'll talk to you suckers later. Gonna be productive now. 

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