February 2, 2012

Don't Rape Me

So I went to my first Smart Recovery meeting. It is waaaaaay better and less lamer than AA. I actually talked during it, mostly questioning whether I truly needed to be there and that I only wanted to learn how to moderate my drinking as opposed to omitting it from my life altogether because "a life without drinking is not a life worth living." I said that and the leader of the meeting cracked up. She was completely non-judgmental and said that that was okay, but it was important to make sure our lives didn't circle around alcohol. I see her point and I felt really comforted talking to other people with similar problems as mine and discussing our issues together (there were two other newbies there). Plus there was this beautiful, ebony 19 year old guy there that I kept gazing at and probably gave him the heeb-jeebs. Sorry Michael.

On that note, I am drinking wine tonight. God...it's amazing how little willpower I have, but you know what?? It is IMPOSSIBLE for teachers to be sober all the time. IM.POSS.I.BULL. I don't care what anybody fucking says. Our job as teachers is more stressful (albeit, more rewarding) than any other job out there...except maybe those people who have to clean out Port-a-Potties...but hey, that's why we go to college.

The meeting leader said that knowing how alcohol affects me and how I can't control it (at times..okay, most times), to drink it, I am making an INFORMED decision in choosing to drink. What wise words. I also found out that women ingest alcohol differently from men...meaning, we are much more prone to contracting an alcohol-related illness/disease waaaaay faster than man. According to the lady, "you never see old alcoholic women because they're either dead or recovered alcoholics." Goddamn. We even get the short end of the stick when it comes to that. Fucking men and all the inequalities. That's why this shit pisses me off:

Hardy-har-har. Yeah, we get into clubs for free. Woopty fucking doo. We also get raped, beaten, paid less, promoted less, less opportunities, shove babies out of our vaginas, our worth diminishes at age 30, the list goes on and on.. So fuck you you stupid wannabe-funny Internet poster, or whatever you are.

I don't know why, but the feminist in me has been coming back with a vengeance... like my old women studies days.

Me! At age 22. I wonder whether I have bigger muscles now or back then.  Allz I know is, my fake dreads in that picture look cwazy!!!!! 

So speaking of rape, I make a daily effort to thwart all chances of me getting raped by a stranger, acquaintance, or ANYONE for that matter. It is SO unfair that JUST BECAUSE females are physically weaker than men that we are susceptible to rape. Fuck that. There's no way in HAIL I am going to open my chances of being violated just cuz of a lack of muscles.. I take every measure I can not to be raped. 

Here are some things YOU girls can do to avoid being raped. 

  • ALWAYS be on the lookout, especially in unfamiliar places/when you're alone - So you know when you're walking in an empty parking lot, a shady place, or just ANYWHERE, be VERY conscious of your surroundings. Whenever I am walking in a place where someone can be lurking, I am always aware of what is going on around me. If you are distracted, rummaging around in your purse, talking on your cell phone or just generally NOT paying attention, you are an easy target for that asshole lurking in the corner. I mean, if YOU were a rapist, would you want to attack that girl who has her mace ready to go? Nope. I'm always walking around with my key between my knuckles and listening for footsteps following me. BE AWARE...like a dog whose ears perk up at any little noise.   
  • Speaking of mace, ALWAYS CARRY PROTECTION-Mace is something so simple.... allz you do is point and shoot. Ideally, I want to have a gun because they would be the most effective, but I am afraid of guns. Mace costs like $5/pop, attaches to your key chain so it's easily accessible. Just cuz we don't have the physical strength doesn't mean we can cheat in protecting ourselves. Carry protection!!
  • KNOW YOUR COMPANY- I think if you are a smart female and can read people, it's VERY obvious what males are capable of raping someone. I truly do not understand those women who are married to men that have 'secret lives' and didn't have a clue about it. Really?! You can't tell whether your husband was slaying people over Craigstlist or was the BTK killer? Dumbass. Even your male acquaintances... I mean, I don't have many male friends but every male I associate with would never rape someone. It's just not in their character. I have, however, met some shady characters that I think could rape people if they could get away with it...You can just READ it. If you don't have that gumption (did I use it correctly? What a funny word), you better develop it fast cuz skeezy guys are so easy to sniff out if you've got the skillz to do so.  
  • ALWAYS COVER YOUR DRINK-I don't understand HOW females get drugged via their drinks.I know many girls whose drinks have gotten roofied. First of all, I think it's fucking sick how some men will roofie a girl's drink. Do you seriously not have that much charm or personality that you can't get a girl into bed? Drugging someone is almost as bad as killing them....it takes the same kind of calculating and deviousness as a serial killer. Ugh. Yet it happens OFTEN. I may be a drunken arse at bars, but I'm a drunken arse that always knows where my drink is. If I leave my drink, I leave it in the company of my friend, or I explicitly tell the people around it (stranger or acquaintance) not to roofie my drink. OR, I cover the drink with a napkin or just take it with me. I also watch the bartender like a hawk to make sure s/he doesn't put something in there and that they're pouring a generous amount of alcohol in there. Bottom line: WATCH YOUR DRINK. 
I have other tips...but at the moment, it is almost 30 minutes into my 8 hours of sleep. But that's the basic gist of how NOT to get raped. Just be conscious, be smart, and be STRONG. I've had several people tell me (after I talk about my concerns of being raped) "you are too much work to rape." First, thanks for the compliment....but like I said, I am not gonna bank on my chances of getting raped just cuz I'm weaker as a female. If you're thinking of raping me, you better be ready for a FIGHT!!! Unless you have a weapon and you promise me I'll be set free after the fact, at which point, I'll take one for my team. 

p.s. This does not mean that I have not been almost-raped. I have been.... like four times. I'll tell those stories later cuz they're fun. Stupid mostly, but a learning expurrience...most def. This knowledge doesn't come from nowhere. *flaps arms*  

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