February 7, 2012

I love thrift stores

One of my few hobbies is going to the thrift store. When I moved to boring-ville ie: Maryland close to eight months ago, I came with almost no clothes. Now I have a wardrobe teeming with clothes all from the thrift store. Maryland may be filled with boring people and horrible drivers...but they've got some damn good thrift stores. I absolutely adore going on a weekend day, spending 3-4 hours leafing through every article of clothing to find clothes, almost-new, that would be waaaaaaay more than what they are being sold at. It gives me a rush. I love a good deal.

Unfortunately, while I love vintage and 80s clothing, I have no idea how to wear that style. So many times, I came across a 70s or 80s looking dress/shoes/purse that some hispter bitch would pay oodles of money for, but I do not know how to wear it or market it to those worthless individuals. Gosh... if only I had the creativity. I wish I had the brains and shamelessness of Angy, my Internet friend, who would buy relatively cheap clubbing clothes at like Level X and then post pictures of herself on Ebay with her humongo nice fake titties and some schmuck would pay like 10x worth more than it is worth hoping to look like her in it. People are such suckers. Yet, she probably banked off of it. Damn Chinese people and their ability to swindle money from fools. Hey... I ain't hating. I thought it was marketing genius and wish I could do the same. She's a smart one, that Angy.

But alas, I don't know how.

So, I'll just post this picture of my most recent thrift store find.... a Christian Dior vintage (I think) V-neck sweater. It's so soft. I love it.

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  1. you look super yum bubble gum in that shirt. I go to thrift shops every week. I even know what days are half off and shit. Like your friend, i'm also a picker. meaning i'm looking to sell. It a hobby of mine. But when you find a fantastic item for yourself for like 5 bucks, that's the best part. happy thrifting!