July 19, 2012

Shitty Day #2

So I got up pretty damn early today, which is what happens when I drink vodka the night before. Like I was told, I call up the police department to see whether the paperwork has been processed so I can get my car out of their impound. Homeboy cop tells me "yeah..it's ready. Come on by. But it's going to cost $440 and we only take personal checks and money orders." A) Why is it $440?!!???!??!?!?!? and B) Why the FUCK IS IT $440?!??!??! C) I lost my personal checks in  my move so I have to get a money order. I hate getting money orders. Please notice: homeboy cop did NOT say to come at a certain time but just to come by.

I wait around for the kids and Kelly to get ready because she is the one that will give me the ride. We drop the kids off at the sitter and stop by the nail salon where Kelly works. She has a customer so I decide not to burden her further by stopping to get a money order and I take it upon myself to get one while she's servicing her customer. hehe..that sounds dirty. But I go to 7-11 to get my money order. They don't take cards so I have to fucking withdraw cash from their ATM. They don't have my bank in Maryland. The ATM only dispenses a max of $400 so I have to make two transactions. That's $10 in fees. At that point, I wanted to cry. I almost did... poor Pakinstani/Indian 7-11 guy who had to endure my heavy sighs and my 'fucks.' 

I go back to the nail salon to pick up Kelly and we go to the police department to pick up my car. Homegirl receptionist, right when she sees me, says: "If you're here to pick up your car, the officer's not here. He told you to come ASAP. He won't be back til 1. He told you you needed to be here ASAP." Uh... Cop did NOT tell me this. Why would I not come ASAP if he had told me that? I understand English and follow directions well. If he had told me to come ASAP, I would have. Shibal.

So that is the beginning of my day. 

Stay tuned for what other shitstorms they decide to serve me with today. 

Gotta surround myself with things that make me laugh and make me happy. 

On that note... my white friend Erin says that I'm good with men because I stroke their egos. I do...it's not like I go out of my way to do it. It's just the way I deal with them. I mean what I say. In spite of my shitty day, I decided to make someone else happy by sending that really hot guy that I wrote about (the one I said I would pay to have sex with because he's a Muslim and doesn't seem to have premarital sex) a nice lil' message on fbook. This is what I wrote:

  • Hello. I'm having a horrible day, actually week, but I thought I'd take a moment and tell you that you are one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen and you make me think there really is a god...a god who created you directly because only that would explain why you are so beautiful. Forget your art. I can just look at you all day.

    Okay.. don't get too big-headed now.

    Have a nice day.

Yup... that's ma game. Too bad it won't get me any closer to having him. Sigh. 

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