July 22, 2012

Sexual Things I NEVER Thought I'd Do.

Over the course of my sexually active life, there were certain acts I said I would NEVER do. This included: spitting/swallowing, anything associated with anal, faking an orgasm, facials, 3somes...basically anything that I thought was degrading towards females. But it's difficult to remain faithful to proclamations I made...especially because while I am a feminist-ish, I'm also sexually experimental and like when the guy takes the lead. All this combined means that I'm wishy-washy on what I will and won't do during a boinkfest and it makes me seem contradictory and fickle Sigh...so suffice it to say, I can now say I am a tri-sexual (Samantha Jones's words). I will try everything once (maybe more if I like it) EXCEPT beastiality and anything dealing with poop-play.

I just like this picture and it's kinda relevant to what I'm going to write about. Rihanna is one thing I'm fickle about. I like her at the moment.

So, here is a list of things that I have done that I have once said I would NEVER do.

  • Letting a guy blow a load in my mouth- Refer back to this post to read why I was so adamant about not doing this for several years and what changed my mind:  http://queenoftmi.blogspot.com/2012/01/always-spit.html .....though I will never do cum-swapping or feign like I like sloshing it around in my mouth like those bitches do at the end of a porno. I don't fake shit. The crazy thing is that now, I actually feel BAD  if I don't let a guy finish in my mouth...sometimes I'll even offer it as an alternative to a cream pie. My how the tide has changed!!! Boyfriend #2 would be reeling in shock if he knew I changed my mind on this. Aw...sowee Matt. FYI: Matt takes a lot of credit for my BJ skills. So thank him if you have been lucky enough to get one from me.
  • Getting a facial- If you read that post above, you will see that I am grossed out by any male bodily fluids so it's no surprise that I was so anti-facials. Also, for the longest time, I wrote this act off as being very demeaning towards women. I thought WHY on earth would a respectable guy want to do something so gross like ejaculating on a girl's face? It's slimy, it's a hazard for your eyes, and it's just SO GROSS. Obviously it meant that a guy doesn't respect you if he wants to facialize you. But then I thought, maybe they just like it and it turns them on. It's just their 'thing,' like pizza is my 'thing.' I am obsessed with pizza. Then I tried it..facials, not pizza...actually, the first time wasn't a 'try' as much as it was the guy not informing me he was going to facialize me and it just happened...sneaky bastard. I thought it wasn't that bad. Next thing you know, I'm asking a guy to do it. My actual feelings towards it can be summed up by what Carrie said about blowjobs, "it's not my favorite thing on the menu but I'll order it from time to time. And with the right guy, it could be nice..." Just like the quote says, I won't let any old random joe do it. The 'right guy' for a facial situation is one that is dominant and rough because it's part of a dominant/submissive thing, in my eyes. I mean, I wouldn't say "cum on my face" to one of my nice guys cuz they'll probably think it's weird.   
  • Rough-housing- On the note of dominant/submissive, I now don't mind when a guy is very rough to the point of it being kinda abusive. Again, this goes against my feminist-ish ways but the fact that I like this makes sense, psychologically. It's like those guys in powerful positions that like to be humiliated. This includes things like: hard slapping (even to the face), calling me bitch (though it should paired with a nice adjective like 'sexy' bitch or 'hot' bitch), hair-pulling, biting, choking etc. As long as none of it is taken to the extreme, I'm okay with it and like it even. But again, with the right guy. It's difficult for me to imagine this kinda boinking with some of the 'nicer' guys I've been with. Oh! One thing I know though is that I will NEVER be okay with that facial abuse shit you see in porn. I can't stand watching that...these girls have snot and boogers shooting out of their nose. That's effing disgusting. A little pain and discomfort is good. A lot of discomfort is a HELL NO.
  • Anal- Whenever a guy asks me whether I've done anal, I'm like "does a bear shit in the woods?" Hello! Of course I have...do I not seem like the type that would at least try it? Try it I have but only twice and it was a very bad first impression. The dude I did it with had absolutely no idea what he was doing and didn't take the precautionary measures leading up to it. Anal takes lots of preparation (H, hehe) both mental and physical. He did none of that shit (hehe). I am still a little iffy about it but am not ruling it out altogether. Anyways, I am more talking about inserting other things than a penis into that chute such as anal beads or a nicely lubed finger. I still have lotsa experimenting to do in this area because I have yet to figure out why so many people are so into it. I need to uncover the mystery to this magic!!!
That said, here is another list of things that I previously ruled out but am considering doing with the right person but have not yet had the opportunity to do so:

  • FFM 3some- This is something very recent I put back on the table because I had a sudden realization that an FFM 3some can include a lesbian! Hello! That bypasses the rule I had made based on my belief that no guy deserves to have two girls. I'm a genius....not just a hat rack my friend *points to head*
  • Role-playing- Thought it was totally cheesy...still kinda do. But I want to try it, specifically these roles: babysitter/dad, high school teacher/HS student, boss/underling, cop/arrested (sigh). Hehehe. 
  • BDSM-Yes, including the tools.  
  • In particular, the tools shown in this picture: leather, chains, choker, handcuffs, and blindfold.
Okay...that's all I can think of. God I hope my parents or other squeamish/lame adults don't read this. I think it's good to be open-minded with sex. That's why I like to have a diverse taste in partners. Different people bring different ideas and get you into different things. 

I wish I were this open-minded with people in real-life. 

Since you guys are probably already thinking I'm a harlot and to contribute to the shock factor of this entry, here is a pic I took because I love hotels with mirrors in front of the beds. 

Sigh... I know it seems like I'm purposefully being shocking...but how else do you talk about this topic without it being a bit shocking? I'm kinda hesitant about posting it. Meh... it took me too long to write this so here it goes! *braces self for backlash*


  1. Congrats on your sugar daddy. I'm sure it's a dream come true! maybe I can be your slightly older, definitely not rich but not broke, hang out and bang buddy, hhaha. every girl needs one. Your sexual desires aren't really shocking. you're curious just like the rest of us. you're not a missionary position only girl and that rules. I've never had anal sex and i've never asked for it. It doesn't appeal to me at all, but if you were to ask me to do it I would. I understand it takes a lot of lube. I've had a finger up my bum and it's not very pleasant. Since we're being honest here, i've gotta say i like public/outdoors sex the most. there is something extremely thrilling about banging when you know other people are around who might catch or see you. Bathroom stalls, behind buildings, parking lots, ect. no bdsm either, but getting rough can be a turn on. Toys can be cool too. I've never given a girl a facial, but I want to. Usually i just blow it on her stomach or back or if she's on the pill i blow it in her. Anyways, anytime you need a facial you know who to call! I'd be honored to give you one. haha. You look super sexy in that pic by the way, but you always look sexy. freakin' adorable. both rhianna and miley cyrus are cute. rhianna's actually smokin' hot. miley is to young looking for me, but she's cute. I'd say wear that halloween costume you wore last year if you're trying to dress slutty. You look bangin' in that shit. I'm sure your sugar daddy would agree :)

  2. What did you say to the guy who gave you a facial without asking?

    Keep posting love it!!!! You look sexy!!

  3. @Cornwall: Bathroom stalls? *shudders*

    @Anon: I didn't say anything...I just took a towel and dabbed my face. It wasn't a full on facial. More like a chin-cial. Hahaha.

  4. you're a pretty sad excuse for a human being.. It's disgusting that you are supposed to be called a 'woman.'