January 2, 2012


I'm back!!

Even though I don't really make New Years Resolutions anymore, I am going to make some efforts in improving some faulty areas within my life. First, is my hygiene. Ideally, I'd like to wash my hair every other week. That doesn't work out so well most of the time. I usually end up going three weeks without washing it. Last year, I vowed to clean my ears more often, a resolution which I've proudly kept. I think better hygiene will  be a reasonable goal.

Second, I will try to lessen my drinking. I know, beating a dead horse. Helen told me that she remedied some of her drinking problems by not drinking for a solid week. She said after she achieved this, she knew she could control her drinking. I have not not drank for a solid week for the past five years. I haven't even gone without a drink for two days. Therefore, not drinking for a week is a huge feat for me. I was going to start the week-long hiatus tomorrow night and imbibe (hehe) tonight, but I've felt nauseous all day so I guess it starts today. This is also realizing that in the midst of me being a broke a$$ and Michael calling to my attention that I spend most of my money on booze and going out, I calculated just how much I spend on alcohol and realized that it comes out to about $400/month. Fuck. What a waste of money!!!! If I bitch about spending more than $10 on a meal, then it should be even  more illogical that I spend so much on something I piss out. But then again, alcohol makes life way more fun whereas food makes my life more burdensome.

I guess it's back to smoking copious amounts of green.

On that note, I'm going to take a shower. It's so damn cold. I think I might start a tumblr for my 'working out' progress. Maybe my dreaded little tire on my belly will disappear if I decrease my alcohol intake.

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