January 18, 2012

My Fingers are Freeeezing

I aimed not to drink during the weekday...but I'll admit it. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that is going on so I succumbed. Starting next week, I'll be going to my internship (student teaching at the ghetto school) 5 days a week, which means I'll have to wake up at 5:50 am every day. And soon, I'll be in full-on teaching mode where my skillz will be put to the test. Plus, I have to take graduate school classes AND do research crap. AND look for jobs. The job is not the biggest stress. I must say, I'm a little freaked out about the full-on teaching SOLELY because I have such issues dealing with my misbehaving students...and guess what? They are all boys. In fact, thinking back, the ONLY problems I've had with students are found in MALES. I don't get along with men now, I don't get along with little boys either. The problematic girls, piece of cake. We get along... we're like homegirls. But problematic boys, goddamn, I have such issues dealing with them. I swear, the only dudes I can really get along with, I have to be either fucking or they have to be gay. Love you E!

But anyways, so I've jumped on the wagon for now... is it called bandwagon? So far, the past two weekends have been somewhat of a success concerning my alcoholism. Other than the almost-burning-down-the-house incident, I've been okay...dare I say, proud of myself? If I get out of hand again though, I'm going to try the SMART Recovery program.

Here is my current progress with my working-outtings.

I'm flexing...but I'm really beginning to see a difference. I still have a stubborn small tire around my belly but it has gotten noticeably smaller, meaning I can't grab as much of it as before.

Before I go to sleep, what do you think of this chick?

Another white rapper that my quasi-male friend forced me to watch after I displayed my linking toward Kreayshawn. He claimed she (IGGY AZALEA) is much better. I'm split-minded. Allz I know is, she'd be MUCH hotter if she were toned. Your slimness ain't gonna last as you get older homegirl. Lift them weights. 

Taste the rainbow, taste my skittles. 

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